The Outlaw Wesley Quaid


Wesley Quaid first appeared in Issue 1 of PULP MODERN in a story titled "Pack of Wolves" under a slightly different moniker. He has several aliases of which Quaid is just one.

He is featured in four stories in The Wanted Man eBook collection that is available on amazon. "Stagecoach for Sally" is a direct sequel to "Pack of Wolves" and the next two stories in the collection "Killer for Hire" and "In Plain Sight" follow Wesley's adventures while Texas Ranger Jud Nelson is on his trail and eventually catches up to him in the final story of the collection "Nelson's Code."

He makes appearances in "Six-Guns and Pitchforks" and "Day of Reckoning," both of which were published online and is the protagonist of the novella, OUTLAW.

Background Info:

Not much is known about Wesley's early years other than the fact that his mother died when he was very young. With no education to speak of and no trade, he made his living by the gun. He's an outlaw, a degenerate and a bad man who has made quite a name for himself.

In recent years, Wesley has become disillusioned with the course that his life has taken. He'd like to make something of himself, to become a man of whom his father would be proud.

He wears his hair long, keeps a goatee and always has several days worth of whiskers on his cheeks. He has one gun tied down on his right hip and has no qualms about using it. At the time of his appearance in "Pack of Wolves," Welsey was 22 years old.

To interact with Wesley, look him up on Twitter @WesleyQuaid

The above likeness of Wesley Quaid was illustrated by my uncle, Michael T. Pizzolato.