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  • Check out for free book promotion.
  • If you're a writer looking for an editor, I highly recommend Janine Williams of

  • Finding a good editor is essential for any writer and Janine does great work. She provides insights as both an editor and as a reader and will let you know what works and what doesn't. She also tells you what she likes about your writing, which I found quite refreshing.
    Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

  • If you're a fan of psycological novels, check out The Neurosurgeon by Travis Robertson.

  • Get the latest western novels and short stories from - Featured western authors, ebook store, western book reviews and more. They featured my book for free - Give them a try!

  • Beat to a Pulp --- A Weekly Dose of Pulp Fiction.
  • Michael T. Pizzolato --- Associate Editor of The Western Online. He's also my uncle and has designed the book covers for both THE WANTED MAN and OUTLAW.
  • Buddies in the Saddle --- A fantastic blog with book and movie reviews as well as Western Writer Inspiration and an Old West glossary of Western slang terms.
  • Meridian Bridge --- A blog about all things Western, run by Richard Prosch.