Jud Nelson - Texas Ranger


Jud Nelson made his first appearance in the short story, "The Wanted Man" that was first published at BEAT to a PULP! ezine. He is the lead character in a Western webcomic strip at The Western Online appearing there in a story titled "Vengeance Trail." The next story featuring Jud in comic strip form will be "Gone But Not Forgotten." Jud can also be found in The Wanted Man short story collection currently available on amazon in the title story and in a one called "Nelson's Code" where he encounters the outlaw Wesley Quaid.

Background Info:

Jud was born April 24, 1832 to Ralph and Mary Nelson on a small farm in East Texas. His mother died of cholera when Jud was twleve and his father pulled him from school to help on the family farm. Jud has one sister whom his father sent back East to live with relatives. His father was killed by outlaws during an attempted bank robbery as he and Jud were making the final payment on their farm, leaving Jud on his own at the age of fourteen.

Jud tracked down the men responsible for his father's death. When the War Between the States began, Jud enlisted in the Eight Texas Calvary Regiment. Upon the war's conclusion, he found himself with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Inspired by his father's death at the hands of outlaws, he decided to join the Texas Rangers.

When he first appeared in "The Wanted Man," Jud was 34 years old. He is a slender, wiry man tanned brown by constant exposure to the sun. He stands 6'3" and wears his Colt on the front of his left hip in cross-draw fashion.

The above likeness of Jud Nelson was illustrated by my uncle, Michael T. Pizzolato.